$24 Motorcycle Update #4: How I Really Wrecked The Bike

So I wrecked the bike a few weeks after I got it running, If you know me personally you’ll know this. But what you probably don’t know is that it was entirely my fault. This was the day I realized I could do wheelies on the bike by gunning it in first gear, and yes that’s what caused the crash. I was practicing my newfound ability in the parking lot outside of my apartment. I’d pop a wheelie, ride a and repeat. When I got near the end of the lot I popped a wheelie, looked up and realized I was going to hit a fence cable fence like you see at parks, let go of the throttle, and slammed on the front brake. lucky for me I missed the fence but I did find the little gravel patch right before it with my front wheel. Quicker than I could realize what was happening the front wheel locked up and slid to my right tossing the bike to my left with my dumbass still straddling it. I wasn’t going all that fast so the damage wasn’t too bad, A few scrapes here and there, a new designer hole in my jeans, an ankle that will feel funny for a few weeks, some gravely palms (this was the one day I didn’t wear gloves), and a bent handlebar. Nothing too bad just a pat on the back from the universe saying “Hey don’t be an idiot”.

Once the shock wore off I dragged myself out from under the bike and got to getting it back on it’s wheels. A little grunting and groaning latter it was up and… not rolling. Something was jammed and the rear wheel wouldn’t rotate anymore. Well at least this happened close to home so I went and got my toolkit from the apartment. I bleed the brakes, no luck, wasn’t the rear brake then. Then I noticed the chain was really tight. Alright, so I loosened up the wheel and slid it forward. Chain’s loose now but it won’t budge. Shit, it must be something with the engine then. My mind was reeling, what could have broken to cause this? Maybe I hit the shifter and that jammed in and broke something? Keep in mind this entire time the bike is sitting mostly blocking one of the entrances to the parking lot. So it was time to get get some help. I asked my friend Mae (a wizard when it comes to engines or anything mechanical) to come help me fix it or if all else fails, move it out of the way. After having him poke around for a bit we found nothing and decided to try and move the bike to a better place to do some teardown.

Soooooo how to move a 350 lb bike with a rear wheel that won’t spin? If you like being creative stop reading now and make a small list of how you would do it. Ready to see how we did it? Well, I guarantee all your ideas are better because we strapped the front fork to Mae’s truck, put some cardboard under the rear wheel, and I hopped on to steer. This worked great! For the first foot. Then the cardboard rolled out and we were back to rubber on the pavement. We repeated the same process a few times until we gave up and looked for a better solution. After looking around for a bit we found a piece of aluminum in Mae’s truck and used that to replace the cardboard. Worked like a charm and we soon ground and scraped our way behind the closest dumpster. Time to figure out what broke. We popped the sprocket cover/protector and found this:

Well I found that battery bolt I lost a few weeks ago, I wondered where that went… I spent what felt like forever trying to free sprocket when we’d drug the bike it had really wedged the bolt into place. Eventually, I gave up on prying it out and decided to get some sleep. As I I was getting ready for bed a light bulb went off and ran outside in my pajamas. I hopped on the bike and gave it a big shove backwards and just like that the bolt popped out and the wheel was free! Hoot Hoot

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