$24 Motorcycle Update #3: What’s in Your Bucket?

I picked up an Exo 710 helmet as my bucket. I made sure to get it in white for visibility because what’s the point of safety equipment if it hides you from the cars? (I would have preferred a neon reflective yellow or green helmet but the girlfriend threatened to leave if I did). It took me a while to find a SNELL approved helmet for not too much, this one cost me $200 but the safety and soundness of mind was well worth it. If you wanna see why a SNELL rating is so important check out this video. So far I’ve really liked mine. The ability to crack the visor plus all the different vents has been really nice, the wind noise is worse than I’d expected but when riding around town it’s barely noticeable. It’s only when I get on the highway that it starts to get really annoying. But I’m not writing this as helmet review, it’s what I did to it that’s worth sharing.

I’m not going to go extremely in-depth on the build because it’s pretty simple if you know your electronics. I bought a cheap pair of over-ear Bluetooth headphones from Amazon, making sure to get one with a mic. Then cut it to pieces to get just the bare electronics on the inside. With a few extension cables, some tucking behind padding, and some double-sided tape I added Bluetooth audio and calling capability to my helmet! something like this normally costs $90 for a really cheap set but I managed to do it for seventeen bucks. I’ve used it for a few months now and I think it’s a really nice addition, although it does have a few issues. The speakers don’t quite fit in the speaker holes inside the helmet and can fall out or pinch your ear, the audio is only really audible at low RPMs, and for some reason, I can’t answer calls from the headset controls. I only really use it on longer trips like when going to Moscow, otherwise, it’s not worth the time to turn it on and get music playing. If you ride long distance a lot and want good audio I’d save yourself the time and hassle and get one of the nicer sets.

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