My name’s Connor.

I’m the builder of all the projects you’ll find on this website. A lot of my design and build knowledge comes from my years in the First Robotics program where I was leader of the R&D design team and driver for a few years (go Stormbots!). My time in FRC was extremely helpful to my development as an engineer. In the program, I learned how to prototype quickly and how to work around the limitations of a small shop. I often pestered my mentors with questions and through this was able to develop a better understanding of industry grade circuitry and how to create my own intelligent projects through Arduino. FRC got me excited about making and have continued working on various projects since I graduated from high school. I’m now pursuing my master’s degree in mechanical engineering at Washington State University where I help run the schools Makerspace, the Frank Innovation Zone, and hold an officer position with the WSU Aerospace Club.


I created this website to provide a better way for me to publicly document my projects and make it easier to share what it is I am working on. In this modern age of the internet, you can find an abundance of really cool projects people have done but very few of them have comprehensive documentation and explanation. I find this extremely disappointing. Anyone who’s ever worked on a project knows there are hiccups along the way. If we don’t document these hiccups the next person who tries to do something similar will get stuck on the same thing and might not develop a solution. By documenting projects we can help to further innovation and make it easier for anyone to get making!


If you want to get the latest updates on what I’m working on check out my Instagram linked below, I try to post whenever I do anything new on any of my projects.

Got a special project and want some help with it? reach out to me on my contact page.