Electric Moped Update #2: HeadLight Install


So I’ve gone to pick up a friend a few times from work up the hill with the moped. whenever I do it’s always pitch black and with almost no street lights. when you have two people going down a hill, on pitch black roads, with brakes that don’t exactly work, on a child’s moped, well, it’s just not a good mix. So I’ve gone through the process of adding a 24v truck flood light to the moped so then I can at least see what I’m going to hit before I hit it. The light’s super bright (almost too bright… lol nawww) and easily lights up where I’m going.

To add the light I removed the fake plastic light on the front and after drilling a hole in the center bolted the new one on where it was. I then mounted a switch next to the handlebars to turn on the light. The light runs off one of the 24v cells with the switch interrupting the circuit (its rated for high amperage and the circuit is short so I didn’t worry about using a relay). I also added an automotive fuse on the positive side of the light because I don’t exactly trust my wiring job and no one likes a shorted battery under their butt. It’s been working great so far but I’ve definitely had a few people think I was a motorcycle coming at them when I have it on.

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