Moped Initial State & Reasoning

I have been looking for a simple platform for a simple and small electric vehicle for getting around campus that doesn’t need to go too fast and doesn’t break the bank (Pullman Hills are killer).  For a while now I’ve had my eye on the one of the razor electric vehicles because they’re normally really cheap second hand and already have the mounting points built in for a motor. This would be a nice change from my 3D printed electric bike whos motor mount was retrofitted to a frame not built for a motor, leading to some problems with the mount slipping and loosening (at one point slipping and shearing every spoke off one side of my back wheel). Now I understand that these razor vehicles are not built for adults or for the power I want to put in them but I figured the welded steel frame could easily handle the weight.  Now to how I got the Moped.

Having been looking for a razor vehicle for a while on online classifieds and garage sales I managed to find a floor model razor pocket mod that was highly discounted at my local walmart  during a one in the morning walmart run with one of my friends(had not expected to find a discounted model at a normal store). When I saw it at the store it was discounted to $80 and I was jumping at the chance to get it. When I tried to ask someone what was wrong with it all the guy I found would tell me is that a kid was riding it the week before. Finally I caved in and walked it up to the desk to checkout. After ages the employee checking me out found a tag on it to scan. When I got out at and checked the receipt I realized he only charged me $60! After I got back to the dorm I opened her up to see what was wrong. The two 12v batteries in it where completely dead probably from kids riding way past dead and both tires were completely flat probably from sitting so long once the battery dead.


Future Plans

The end goal is to have a little electric bike for getting around campus that I can toss in the back of the car when I want to take it somewhere.  It should be able to get up pullman hills without a problem, have a moderate range, and be able to be ridden at all times. To accomplish this I’m going to modify the battery compartment to accept the same battery I have in my bike, replace the low powered brushed motor with a higher power brushless motor, add a higher power and variable 50v speed controller to replace the 24v brushed one, and finally add taillights and headlights to increase night visibility. I’m looking forward to working on this project and seeing where it goes! Check back for updates!

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